More Transparency in the coffee community

We are happy to see and hear that our 2009 established concept and notation of “Transparency” is collectively being embraced by the coffee community.

The work was inspired from our past assignments in the United Nations Environment Programme and GRID-Arendal where many projects were developed.
A multitude of farmers, roasters and institutions are actively employing the idea of an open trading model. This was not common many years ago. Our model is anchored in UNs Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and specifically Goal number 8: Global Partnership for Development.

Many global environmental problems – climate change, loss of species diversity, depletion of global fisheries – can be solved only through partnerships between rich and poor countries. In addition, predatory investments in natural resources can greatly increase pressure to over-exploit environmental assets in poor countries. (Human Development Report, 2003)

Some specific institutions are investigating the matter further.
Transparent Trade Coffee has an excellent overview.

Next up: Transparency Pricing. Coffee community: Are you ready for it?

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