Produced coffee beans are only shipped as whole beans in order to focus on preservation of the aromatic and flavor compounds. Our research and selection of roasting algorithms, packaging and general handling preserves freshness and reduces aging. 

Coffee roasting schedule
We roast every Saturday and Sunday with exceptions. Therefore, orders placed Thursday at latest will be shipped on Monday for fast deliveries and no weekend delivery interruptions. Natural interruptions might occur such as public holidays and Force majeure (chance occurrence, unavoidable accident, etc.). 

Logistic partners
We primarily offer shipping with DHL Express and Freight, UPS, FedEx (Courier) and other PostNord (Standard / Mail shipping). Additionally, we dynamically allocate the shipping provider to optimize the price for shipping at a given moment.

Generic precautions and responsibilities of the customer
Kindly be aware that there might be import regulations, fees and taxes specific to each country. Delivery delays may occur due to custom clearance and foreign trade policies which are beyond our awareness and control. We provide specific HS Codes, pro-forma invoices and requested necessary information for the targeted shipping contents and destinations.

Allocation of shipping cost

If your shipping price might vary from time to time, it is due to dynamically allocating the price based on circumstances in the chain of logistics. Deviations, where a "good, illustrative and specific example" would be as in the time for the Covid-19 pandemic where certain shipping carriers announced an increased shipping rate by 50% and reduced traffic in affected areas naturally causing delays. Shipping carriers also apply non visible fees during booking of shipping such as state of emergency, peak time deliveries, home and non-business delivery, added fuel consumption, to mention a few. These "hidden" charges are only visible for us upon receiving the invoice for the carrier after scheduled pickup and shipped goods. 

All shipments are tracked. It is therefore your responsibility to register your order with an email address and also a correct cell phone number (preferably in the international phone number format) for receiving SMS with delivery information. Kindly see our privacy policy in respect to handling personal data on this web shop.

Write correct details in each field (Name, firstname, lastname, street name with number, postal code, city and country).

Kindly provide your email-address and mobile telephone number for tracking updates.

Some courier companies are extremely strict with what address details are provided. If one letter is incorrect, you risk your package to be returned or held in customs.

For example, do not replace or have your web browser replace your name with titles such as for example “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Herr” or alike.
Use correct and updated addresses. Keep your address to a maximum of 25 characters. Most courier and shipping companies do not accept addresses exceeding 25 characters. Are you planning on moving or going on vacation after placing an order? Use your new address and don't chase your package.

We prefer not to deliver to hotels or temporary addresses due to not knowing if you will be available. If you still want to receive your parcel 

Confirm you correct destination. On occasions, if you or your company changes offices, you are responsible for supplying the correct address. 

Do not state destination addresses such as: “On the opposite side of...” Courier and shipping companies are not able to guess your correct physical location. What you "think" does not always map correctly back to your courier personel.

Always state a phone number and email for tracking information.

Always cross- and double check your address details before submitting your final order. 

Once your order has been confirmed, we can not assure that we will be able to change any delivery addresses. 

In the event that the carrier has attempted to delivery the goods to the customer and attempt is rendered as 'Delivery not possible', Coffea Circulor can not be held responsible for the customer/receiver not being available to receive the goods.

Claiming a refund for incorrectly signed packages or 

We highly recommend each order to be shipped with a courier service. We always intend to ship and deliver with a courier service. Due to our location in Europe, even road services are lucrative for you as a customer where a shipment can reach you in 1-4 days. However, intercontinental shipping is less optimal for road services rendering an higher price. Our recommendation is to chose a courier service for intercontinental shipping. Kindly note that shipping cost is only to cover the actual shipping cost.

Shipping within Sweden
Expected shipping cost is starting from 4 EUR.
Order two bags or more for free shipping within Sweden.
The tracking number will be provided the day we dispatch and fulfill your order.

EU shipping
Order four or more 250g bags, alternatively 1kg, for free worldwide shipping.
Expected shipping cost is starting from approximately 7 EUR depending on package dimensions and weight.
The tracking number will be provided the day we dispatch and fulfill your order.

Non-EU and other continents
Order four or more 250g bags, alternatively 1kg, for free worldwide shipping.
Expected shipping cost is starting from 10 EUR depending on package dimensions and weight.
Kindly select your shipping method - standard or express. 
The tracking number will be provided the day we dispatch and fulfill your order.

Packaging dimensions and weight
We utilize packaging with various dimensions and double walled casing for large and extra large packaging. We also optimizing selection of packaging to ensure stacking possibilities for the carriers to reduce the price of shipping. 

Shipping Small: 0.25kg–0.49kg
Shipping Medium: 0.5kg–0.99kg
Shipping Large: 1kg–9.75kg
Shipping Extra: Large 10kg–20kg

At times, packaging material can vary due to supply, optimizing storage and packing in general. At times, when necessary, we apply extra supporting material to ensure the structural integrity of boxes and packages hold up well during travel.