Coffea Circulor values innovation, respects intellectual property and recognizes the pertinent role of developing our industry.

Coffea Circulor has had the privilege to work in the cross section of being an innovator and an implementer. Coffea Circulor remains committed to these core principles, spawning from the past, now the present and in the future.

We take great pride in developing our products, publishing and marketing material with originality in mind. We believe this is one of the cornerstones of what makes our industry special. When everyone is doing the same, creativity and innovation will decelerate impacting development.

We have paved the way for our industry. Now, in a forgotten time when for example a simple thing such as coffee bags were one-colored, Coffea Circulor developed a brand beyond the one-dimensionality of the industry. One of many things. 

Claims of copyright

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For publications, products and services provided by Coffea Circulor, include the appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example: Coffea Circulor's Panama Finca Deborah is a trademarks of Coffea Circulor AB.

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The absence of a product, service name or logo does not constitute a waiver of Coffea Circulor's trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo.

Product and service descriptions consisting of quotes, synopsis, roasting and flavor algorithms, sensory experiences and destinations are developed with genuine care and attention to illuminate our attention to detail. "Transparency Trade", "Transparency Price", "Transparency Grading" illustrate multiple years of investment and development.

Claims of Copyright Infringement

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When suspecting external plagiarism 

If you suspect or have come across any instance of potential plagiarism in respect to Coffea Circulor, kindly contact us immediately. As a sign of appreciation, we will reward you.