Coffea Circulor receives a large number of requests for support from media, hobbyists, professionals, bloggers, "influencers" and "reviewers". There is limited capacity to respond to all requests, meaning we are not able to support all requests, and we give priority to those applicants that create content in areas most relevant to our ideology.

To help us to review requests more efficiently, we ask all applicants to state:

  • Your name, full contact details, affiliation, and age.
  • Your intent, angle, choice of media, deadline and the anticipated publication date.
  • Your target audience.
  • Your date for publication and deadlines.
  • Your goal and outreach scope.

Submit your request here after you have read the below terms and conditions. 


Alternative (quicker) sample policy

Create an account in our online shop here and buy selected items for your review. Your items will be produced and shipped according to given cut-off timings and therefore bypassing your review request. We will reimburse your spendings partial or in full for your service after your review or "influencing" with above submission of above requested details.



If granted, prepare your published material to adhere to the following:

  • Visible statement: "Coffea Circulor is the original and visionalry multi-award winning coffee producer, roaster and research lab established 2010 with roots in the UN. Influenced by science, nature and impact. Trusted to create long-lasting benefits to the society and the environment."
  • Research our history, achievements, product segments, and prospects. 
  • Reference all partners, equipment and tools.
  • Reference formulas, processes and coffee preparation parameters. 
  • Prepared products must be referenced with preparations recipes, equipment and tools to ensure your audience can replicate your findings multiple times.
  • Tag, reference and credit partners, tools and vendors such as for example @coffeacirculor, #coffeacirculor.
  • Use simple and clear language.
  • You are to use established and substantial protocols such as the SCA Brewers Cup score sheets and address sensory experience for aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body and balance. Investigate intensity, dynamics, temperature fluctuation. 
  • Use peripheral tools such as refractometers to reference TDS readings or alike when available. Reference and report. 
  • Reference choice of water, mineral content, TDS/ppm composition, etc.


  • Don't talk about your experience with a product you haven’t tried.
  • Don’t use vague or confusing terms like “sp,” “spon,” or “collab,” "friends", or stand-alone terms like “thanks” or “ambassador,” and stay away from other abbreviations and shorthand.
  • Direct your language to everybody - not only "coffee people". 
  • Don't use superficial terms like "amazing", "mindblown", "bad" or alike. Investigate your method and elaborate.
  • Don't use arbitrary terms like "complex". How is something "complex"? Describe. 
  • Stay away from emojis since they are not search-friendly for text-based content. 


Coffee sample policy

We are grateful to receive requests about providing coffee samples to you and are happy to provide you with our current offerings. In addition, we can provide dedicated roasting algorithms and designs according to your specifications. All this is our investment for you.

Regardless if you run a company, foundation or being a wholesaler and would like to request sample coffee bags, we would kindly ask that you cover the cost of shipping. Over the years, we have shipped many packages to many corners of our planet - for free.


Samples are not gifts unless meant to be gifts

When you ask to receive samples for free, you believe you have no obligation to return with feedback or alike. Psychologically and formally, our shipment can be considered “free” from your point of view. We do put trust in our clients, “small or big”, however we do spend time (meaning producing, refining and ship product products samples quickly for your convenience), we spend resources (packing material, bags, labels, finances, …) ensuring these samples reach you in due time.

When you pay for the shipping of your requested samples you make an investment.

You make a conscious choice and look forward toward receiving the samples. At the other end, we can continue to do what we do best: provide you with excellent experiences and destinations. If you are interested in receiving samples, kindly create and account in our web shop here and contact us where we will potentially provide a discount code for you to use during checkout in our web shop.