1998 onwards

  • International project and financial management with practical implementation in the United Nations/GRID in Africa. This led us to gather information about the world coffee value chain, plan and establish frameworks for future coffee trade anchored in UN's Millennium Goals, particularly #8: "Develop a global partnership for development".


  • Initiated an open sourcing and trade mechanism with coffee producers, cooperatives and trading houses in Kenya, "Transparency Trade". It drew ideas from previous projects conducted in the United Nations/GRID. The concept of "fair" trades and alike in all honor - we believed it did not uphold the standards of what trade should actually be. We envisioned the end consumer having the chance be in direct contact with the coffee producer. In an even more demanding world of food consumption where knowing what we eat and drink this becomes more important.


  • Established Coffea Circulor Africa Ltd. in Kenya focusing on green bean export and research.
  • Featured on UNEP's "30 Ways in 30 Days" to inspire action on reducing emissions and transition to global Green Economy.
  • Established Coffea Circulor in Norway to be able to roast the coffee from our friends in Kenya.


  • Initiated a close relationship with a farm in Meru, Kenya. Donated a coffee fruit pulper. This has increased the selling price of green beans with 30+% - enabling families of the neighboring farms to pulp their coffee at Kiarago.
  • Established a coffee roasting facility in Arendal, Norway - specifically dedicated to roasting coffee from Kenya. The roaster was placed on an lighthouse island on the south coast of Norway facing Denmark named Store Torungen. All our coffee is ethically traded and followed our Transparency Trade.


  • Working with research institutes and nurseries on climate change adaptation and mitigation regarding coffee. Observing coffee tree genetics.


  • 2nd Runner Up, Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championship (SCA NCRC, Oslo), Thore-Andre Thorsen


  • Winner, Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championship (SCA NCRC, Oslo), Ivica Cvetanovski
  • 2nd Runner Up, Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championship (SCA NCRC, Oslo), Dag Lillegaard


  • 1st Runner Up, Swedish Coffee Roasting Championship (SCA SCRC, Kungsbacka), Ivica Cvetanovski
  • Winner, World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCE WCRC Gothenburg), Storm Constantine Xaron Lunde with Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Audun Sørbotten
  • Arranged and managed the Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championship, Oslo.


  • Winner, Italian Coffee Roasting Championship (SCA ICRC, Rimini), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Rubens Gardelli
  • Winner, Italian Brewers Cup (SCA IBrC, Rimini), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Eddy Righi
  • 11th, World Brewers Cup (WCE WBrC, Dublin), Ivica Cvetanovski and Rubens Gardelli coaching Veronika Galova Vesela
  • 5th, World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCE WCRC, Shanghai), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Rubens Gardelli
  • Initiated a coffee processing program funded by The Research Council of Norway consisting of selected growers and producers in Colombia (Juliana Bravo Bedoya), Kenya (Macho Estate), Panama (Jamison Savage) and Uganda (Dison Kareng) led by Ivica Cvetanovski and Rubens Gardelli.


  • Winner, Slovakia Brewers Cup (SCA SBrC, Piešťany), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Veronika Galova Vesela
  • 10th, World Brewers Cup (WCE WBrC, Budapest), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Veronika Galova Vesela
  • Arranged and managed the Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championship, Kristiansand.


  • Winner, Slovakia Brewers Cup (SCA SBrC, Trnava), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Veronika Galova Vesela
  • 1st Runner up, Slovakia Barista Championship (SCA SBrC, Trnava), Ivica Cvetanovski and Veronika Galova Vesela coaching Dušan Pavelka
  • Coffea Circulor extends its operations to Sweden.
  • KUBEN is part of the Aust-Agder museum and the IKS archive. Coffea Circulor (locally known as Torungen Kaffe in Arendal, Norway) has a permanent installment in the exhibition Slave Made which has slavery as its main theme addressing modern slavery. 


  • Winner, Swedish Coffee Roasting Championship (SCA SCRC, Alingsås), Ivica Cvetanovski coaching Anthony Nguyen.


  • Lowering production costs and minimizing water usage for coffee production in a country that traditionally does not employ natural drying techniques with experimental approaches with "Ruby": We went back to our origin and inception Meru in Kenya to initiate a program for natural processing by pioneering the Batian variety. 
  • The Ruby Batian enables us to also extend our groundbreaking Transparency in Trade, Pricing and Quality, which has become an industry standard, to account for the price of the coffee that the customer expects to pay: Customer Expectancy Price (CEP) and True Development Cost (TDC).
  • Earned KaffeBox' "People's Choice Favorite Roaster 2020"-award.
  • Jamison Savage of Savage Coffees (Finca Deborah / Morgan Estate / Iris Estate) appoints Coffea Circulor to worldwide exclusively roast his world renowned coffees for the brand "Savage Coffees".


  • Due to fermentation techniques being highlighted more in recent years, we established a "morpheme"-based fermentation reference in our proprietary and collaborative production with esteemed coffee producers. The result is a more intuitive and elegant approach to showcasing the same coffee lot that havs undergone a multi-fermented methodology to enable the final customer to understand coffee fermentations. By using abbreviations such as "NADX", a customer can more quickly see a "Natural Anaerobic Dry Fermentation" abbreviation upon making a choice. 
  • Placed overall 12th, World Brewers Cup (WCE Milan, Italy), Ivica Cvetanovski roasting Finca Deborah Symbiosis for national champion Jakub Ševčík of Slovakia.
  • Isolated Kenyan genetic varieties and performed per-variety fermentations to highlight current social-financial challenges in Kenya where varieties are nowadays blended resulting in diluted sensory experiences, particularly when the ratios of the genetic varieties differ from harvest season to harvest season.
  • Launched the result of a 10 year ongoing original, conscious and responsible research and circular production line up of 10 coffees as a standalone collection developed with proprietary techniques in Kenya with focus on preserving the coffee cherry and completely reducing water usage in coffee production. 
  • Showcased methods of primarily generating a consumable, highly nutritious coffee cherry with a groundbreaking ORAC score of (426,242 ± 85,248) μmol Trolox equivalent/kg and subsequently a high-performing coffee grain. (Ref. approx. Sumac 310,000, Acai berry 90,000, Goji berries 40,000, Raw Wild Blueberries 10,000). 
  • Launched "Afterlife", a consumable coffee cherry in 2 variations, a vegan capsule and raw "as is" with a groundbreaking ORAC score of (426,242 ± 85,248) μmol Trolox equivalent/kg.


  • Winner, Romanian Brewers Cup (SCA Romania, Cluj-Napoca), Ivica Cvetanovski roasting dedicated Finca Deborah lot for Damian Narita of Meron Coffee.
  • Winner, Polish Coffee in Good Spirits CIGS, (SCA Poland Warsaw), Ivica Cvetanovski roasting a proprietary Panama Geisha produced by Ivica Cvetanovski and Roger Pitti for Agnieszka Rojewska.
  • Winner, Norwegian Brewers Cup (SCA Norway, Oslo), Ivica Cvetanovski producing and roasting a proprietary prototype "Kenya Batian Ortho NHX" and "Finca Deborah Geisha Nirvana" for Simen Andersen of Neongrut Coffee Bar in Oslo, Norway.
  • Winner, World Coffee Good Spirits CIGS (Warm and Design Cocktail), (WCE Italy Milan), Ivica Cvetanovski roasting a proprietary Panama Geisha "Panama Agatsby CCX" produced by Ivica Cvetanovski and Roger Pitti for Agnieszka Rojewska.
  • Placed 2nd, Indonesian Brewers Cup (IBrC), Ellen Chen using Coffea Circulor's "Kenya Oxyco Batian CCX", Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • 6th, World Brewers Cup (WCE Australia, Melbourne), Ivica Cvetanovski roasting "Ethiopia Gatta NAX" for Simen Andersen of Neongrut Coffee Bar in Oslo, Norway.
  • Co-developed fermentation protocols by using residue yeasts from wet fermentations with Luis of Aroma Nativo to be used at the annual WBrC. 


  • Land expansion of Coffea Circulor Kenya Estate, Meru, Kenya. New land plots are reserved for new varieties. 
  • Nominated for Best Sustainable Cafe or Coffee Roaster,  The 15th Annual Sprudgie Awards Winners And Honorees, Sprudge.


  • Placed 2nd, Irish Barista Cup (SCA Ireland, Dublin), Ivica Cvetanovski roasting dedicated Altieri Geisha (Chombi NCX) developed by Roger Pitti and Ivica Cvetanovski for Arvind Khedun Viswarnath of Brew Lab Limited, Dublin, Ireland.

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