Ivica Cvetanovski

Co-Founder, Head of Roasting and Research
Ivica Cvetanovski is a natural scientist and engineer with international work experience. He started scrutinizing coffee during his position at UNEP/GRID since 2005. The wide spectrum of knowledge and experience touches many areas ofacademia, industry and levels in the world of coffee, most notable within trading mechanisms and coffee cherry/cascara research.

Psychometrics and MBTI define him as carrying the INFJ personality. Motivated, systematic and goal oriented based on integrity and ethics with international work experience. Ivica gathers mindsets and ensures everyone is moving in the same direction by bringing the best out of people and their goals. Ivica invests in people. Throughout the years, Ivica has trained and coached several coffee professionals at world class level.

Ivica earned his M.Sc in Computing Science from Gothenburg University and his M.Sc from Chalmers University of Technology where he was also working as a research assistant.

In the world of coffee, Ivica is more commonly known by his middle name, Itchy, and is the Norwegian Coffee Roasting Champion 2014. Ivica's attention to coffee spans beyond roasting and extends to innovation, health, renewability and socio-economic impact. 

Thore-Andre Thorsen

Co-Founder, Head of Finances and Funding
Financial director and entrepreneur with multi-international project experience with target areas in East Africa. Renewable energy expert, sustainable development advisor and product developer.

A strategic business developer with 18 years of experience explicitly towards sustainable development and opportunities arising from the global environmental challenges. Thore-Andre has dedicated networks and experience in the agricultural, energy and educational sector in Africa.

Thore-Andre also spent 10 years within UNEP/GRID where he gathered experience and knowledge of implementation and incorporation of sustainable development. He has gained broad experience in international project management specifically within education, water management, agriculture, renewable energy, biomass usage, gas and oil.

Thore-Andre earned his MBA from University of Strathclyde, located in Glasgow. He currently serves as the CEO of YME Foundation which is a Norwegian humanitarian organization that specializes in the areas of water, sanitation and vocational education.

He is also the Norwegian Coffee Roasting Champion, Second runner up 2013.

Karen Landmark

Co-Founder, PhD Sustainability
Karen has an intense commitment to strategic sustainability and helps to raise the consciousness about the environment in everything she undertakes. Her experience is spawns from UNEP and GRID with extensive project work related to environmental issues. She received her doctorate from NTNU/UIA in Norway.

Storm Constantine Xaron Lunde

World Champion Trainer and Coach
Storm is a molecular biologist gifted with one of the worlds strongest competencies within the world of coffee. Storm Lunde has trained several coffee professionals at the highest level possible with exceptional results: multi-annual and national victories and absolute top results with 2015 as an extraordinary year: Placing 1st in the World Brewers Cup Championship with Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen and 1st in the World Coffee Roasting Championship with Audun Sørbotten in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Storm joined Coffea Circulor in 2014 to lead development and generation of flavor experience in roasted coffees while assuring accurate flavor descriptors are recorded. Additionally, sensible sourcing and selection of coffees ensure consistent quality and experience throughout the years of acquisition from identical origin.

Prior to Coffea Circulor, Storm was leading the educationalbarista program at Solberg & Hansen with dedicated attention to their concept store in Oslo. Moreover, he served as Chairman of the Board of SCA Norway during 2013-2015 and made significant contributions.

Storm earned a master’s degree in molecular biology from the University of Oslo in Norway. Furthermore, he is an avid botanist with singular attention to nurturing aroids.

Yvonne Hiis

With years of experience running coffee shops, Yvonne advanced to coffee roasting and is running the daily operations at our roasting facility in Norway.

Anthony Nguyen

Barista and Roaster
Anthony's has been working actively with coffee industry for since 2009 and is always looking forward to learning more about coffee and people in the coffee industry.

Prior to uniting with Coffea Circulor, Anthony has been acting a successful bar manager, café manager, trainer and quality controller locations in the world.

Anthony is the Swedish Coffee Roasting Champion 2019 and is representing Sweden at the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2019 in Taiwan.

Kristian Hedborg

Coffee Bar Developer
With a great passion for flavors, quality and facets surrounding coffee and wine, Kristian has together with Coffea Circulor proudly developed one of Sweden's most recognizable coffee bar Alkemisten (The Alchemist). Kristian contributes daily with valuable insights and providing a direct window to quality assurance and customer experience.

Kristian has a background within restaurant and business administration, is a keen yoga instructor and an avid consumer of literature.

Mauro Laruffa

Barista and EU Coordinator
Dedicated to coffee excellence, Mauro is coordinating SCA barista activities. Mauro is unmistakably pursuing high level of professionalism in daily coffee operations.