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The Spring Festival in China is earlier than usual this in 2020. The Spring Festival is celebrated in two weeks. In addition, the year of the rat, the beginning of a new 12-year cycle. Over an episode of several months that has culminated in many shared moments and stories, Liu Jian honors us in various expressions.

Coffee Dorby is a pure specialty coffee club. Both practitioners in the coffee industry or consumers of specialty coffee are specialty coffee lovers in the club. I'm one of the partners in the cafe. It's difficult to open and run a cafe in Beijing. As a partner, I want to bring my ideas about coffee to more people and consumers in the industry says Liu.

The specialty coffee club believes the important essence of specialty coffee is to share and go back to the source, through good coffee to know the roasters behind it, the manor. Constantly introducing good coffee, good roasters, good places to more people, that's what Coffee Dorby is doing.

There is no such thing as a perfect cup of coffee, but there are many excellent coffees in the world. A good cup of coffee starts from planting and continues to harvest, process, roast and brew. Every step should be good, and every step should add to the beauty of the cup of coffee. Our goal is to introduce more good and affordable coffee to more Chinese coffee lovers.

Liu continues to say that for Coffee Dorby, I hope it can always keep the original intention from the perspective of consumers. In addition do something for the healthy development of China's Coffee industry from the view of consumer demand.

"I think it's not just roasting. It's growing, processing, storage and finally roasting, the perfect combination of all of that, says Liu."

Coffea Circulor is the most special roaster introduced by the our club. Through us, more people knew about Coffea Circulor, understood its philosophy and tasted its good coffee. We also recognize Coffea Circulor's ideas about the coffee industry, and we hope to spread these ideas to more people.

I think the biggest harvest is to know you and Coffea Circulor. We are more than just a business relationship. Many of your ideas have influenced and inspired me. I think our views and attitudes on many issues are similar and we should be able to do more and more things together.

"In fact, I have a lot to say about the club and you. You are a scientist, a person who really cares about coffee farmers, and an excellent roaster who studies coffee with a scientific attitude. I believe we will have better cooperation and greater development during 2020, concludes Liu."


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