Simen Andersen wins the 2022 Norwegian Brewers Cup with Kenya Ortho NHX, Oslo, Norway

“Today, when the water touches the coffee, it is the first time water is applied to this coffee through any stage of the coffee production.”

- Simen Andersen

Simen Andersen chose to use Coffea Circulor's prototype Kenya lot with code name "B13", an isolated Batian varietal, now referred to as "Ortho Batian NHX", with a modified Coffea Circulor brewing formula tailored for Hario Switch Immersion with Sibarist FAST filters.

The coffee was roasted based on conduction and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. A short roast, very high front up heat, finishing to focus on fruity flavors, highlighting exotic fruit characteristics with particular attention to our fermentation formulas.

The base structure and vision for Ortho

What could possibly introduce ambiguity is when we refer to the coffee cherry, we also account for that (likely) many coffee consumers are not familiar with how the actual coffee cherry fruit tastes in various stages of its lifespan unripe and ripe cherries, picked cherries, fermented cherries and dried cherries.

Through this statement and observation, we wish to illuminate our goal with our research and development of our proprietary fermented Kenyan collection based on our Hypoxia and CCX formulas: To bring the coffee consumer as close as physically possible to not only the classical stated “terroir”, but showing the aphorism “coffee is a fruit” to be true by proof of concept.


Coffee: 18g
Water: 240g @ 93°C, TDS: 10mg/l. (Gothenburg, Sweden, tap water),

3 pours divided as such:
First pour: 50g during 10s to extract the structure of the acidity,
Second pour: 100g starts at 40s and pours to 01:00, draws down over 20s,
Third and final pour: 90g to end at 02:00 until release.

Simen's recorded sensory experience of Ortho Batian NHX

Aroma Round, Yellow plum, Floral honey, Cocoa nibs, Red wine, hints of Apple cider vinegar, Raspberries
Flavor (Hot) Cocoa nibs, Yellow plum, Chili
(Warm) Rum liquor, Cinnamon
(Cold) Overripe banana, Vanilla, hint of Clementine
Aftertaste Rum liquor, Dark chocolate, Whiskey finish, Long
Acidity Tartaric, Citrus
Body Juicy, Light-Medium
Balance Synergetic - Works well across the temperature spectrum


A very exiting and bold endeavor where we congratulate Simen to his success in becoming the Norwegian coffee brewing champion. 


"I want to give Coffea Circulor the creds for this recipe that I keep on sharing as it is as good as it is simple. Coffea Circulor has given me some precious coffee moments and has supported me in my coffee journey."

- Simen Andersen


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