Simen Andersen placing 6th in the World Brewers Cup 2022, Melbourne, Australia

«Today I have the privilege of being the maestro in this symphony of a coffee.»

The opening words of musician and coffee enthusiast Simen Andersen at the World Brewers Cup 2022 in Australia.

Simen is referring to the ‘symphony’ to elements having to play well and synchronized together while he is conducting the orchestra through communication.

Simen addresses the team as "we": Anton Söderman, Simen Andersen and Ivica Cvetanovski.

The Coffee

Simen explains how the coffee was selected and further explored: The coffee from Coffea Circulor. Ivica prepared a few tests of coffees he thought would be interesting. In the few minutes brewing the coffee in the coffee shop, he experienced one of the most excellent coffee encounters ever.

Simen understood the focus in the rosting of Coffea Circulor and took a decision to make a visit together with Anton to declare that he should like to work with Ivica.

Simen and Anton went to discover coffees on location. The primary so-called “calibration coffee“ was selected to Ivica’s surprise - referencing the fact that particularly that coffee being the first on in the row of the tests was meant as a ‘calibration’ sample test.


For the water selection, Simen composed his own water and with a target ppm at 78 utilizing a simple TDS meter and mineral sachets. Simon did not bring the actual water but traveled to Melbourne a week in advance to be able to buy the mineral components on location.


Simen used Commandante with a setting at 29 ‘clicks’, targeting approximately 700±100µm. Simen chose to use Hario Switch and go forth with an immersion approach. The selected coffee was Ethiopia Gatta NAX, a Daye Bensa smallholder produced lot, roasted with attention to highlighting the berry and juicy characteristics in the coffee.

View all the components of the presentation from the final in Melbourne here.


In collaboration with Ment in Norway, Simen together with the ceramists created a modern take on a coffee mug. They are carefully assembled in dyed porcelain and coated in the interior and around the rim for drinking comfortability. A combination of polygonal shaped mug that meets cylindrical form. The cup was named ’NERD’.

Simen placed 6th in the World Brewers Cup 2022 in Melbourne, Australia.

 Photo courtesy of Ment, Norway.

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