Processing for Exceptional Coffee Quality

This is a co­-venture of two world coffee roasters and brewers, Rubens Gardelli and Ivica Cvetanovski.

We put all our passion and love for coffee in everything. We obey to responsibility, integrity, honesty, consistency, solidarity and transparency. Throughout the years, the team has developed complex projects in countries with the philosophy of producing, brewing and supplying excellent coffee.

We wish to initiate a coffee grower program. In a two­-step program, the coffee producer will be introduced to various techniques which can bring a producers coffee to an international competitions level and worldwide admiration.

The coffee producer applies to the program by presenting the farm and the growing conditions. We evaluate if minimal requirements are met. If lucrative, the coffee producer will be requested to sign a non­disclosure agreement for our future cooperation and we enter the second phase.

The coffee producer will enter our program and be presented with comprehensive details for our collaboration. We have put a lot of effort, passion and financial funds with support from The Research Council of Norway into bringing this initiative and opportunity to a world class level coffee and introduce it at world class events. We want to ensure the grower gains significant value for the invested time and effort. This is what we are referring to as an “Exceptional Competition Lot”. 

All coffee will be processed naturally, focusing on environmental sustainability rather than using water. Overall, the ambition is to supply and gain knowledge of the coffee processing and ensure regions can thrive. 

The price that we are willing to pay is related to the final score that the coffee brings. This knowledge has been earned through international competitions. The coffee with the highest score always wins. Additionally, this means bringing forward coffee with a fantastic aroma, flavor, aftertaste, body, balance and low amount of defects. The aim is to produce a coffee with high cup score. The price that will be received has a direct connection to the cup score,­ namely how the coffee is "valued" when brewed by professionals according to a given set of rules in the world coffee scene (SCAE standards).

We will collaborate with several growers and the results are starting to emerge.

Uganda – Dison Kareng of Kwoti

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Panama – Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah


Kenya – Mich of Macho Estate


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