Jose Pepe Jijon of Finca Soledad is an Ecuadorian Force of Nature

With the help of a dear friend Chris, Coffea Circulor would like to introduce Pepe's coffee that have not exited Ecuador yet.

Pepe was born in Brazil in 1974 and is a psychologist at heart. He has also conquered Everest. His passion for coffee culture propelled him to gain several important certifications in the search of excellent coffee gifted by the land of Imbabura.


"The first time - possibly unheard of within Ecuador - attempting to directly ship together with you and it proved to be a significant challenge but we overcome it together".

- Jose Pepe Jijon

We, Coffea Circulor, believe this will become Pepe's "standard" or modus operandi as his coffees become "popular" with the coffee community. It does take a great deal of energy and effort to "find the right formula" when it comes down to something that is usually disregarded in the coffee value chain - logistics. We, ourselves, have invested a great deal of energy and capital to bring these coffees out of Ecuador while also keeping our promise to Pepe with bringing that capital back to him when we have roasted and sold the coffee.

One of Pepe's principle motivations to work in coffee production has been the possibility of contributing to economic and environmental sustainability around his region and the world, as well as the ability to enjoy the flowering of the coffee plant. For Pepe, the ability to live on and from the land and support the development of Ecuador are major motivations to continue his work. As a coffee grower, Pepe believes that technical support and economic justice are key to keep moving forward and continue being an important agent in development.


Bringing these coffee out of Ecuador for the first time with DHL Express proved to be very challanging as this was also the first time for this to happen - also for DHL Express on a local level - just as much as for Pepe himself. The ambition was to continue analyzing the coffees as close to the harvest and production as possible, not to put them on a ship that would take months with unknown arrival date, possible delays, unknown freight conditions and so on. It took a great deal of understanding, re-locating the pickup points multiple places, communicating, etc. which could make anybody give up the mission. 


"Being one of the first producers to embrace Coffea Circulor's True Development Cost (TDC), all received funds from Pepe's coffees will be returned back to Pepe to enable him to continue his work."

- Ivica Cvetanovski


Pepe is the first to embrace and implement the Coffea Circulor’s True Development Cost (TDC) to enable consumers to better take part of and understand production costs of a coffee producer’s life.

It takes great effort to develop new and unconventional processing formulas to bring new experiences. Particular to varieties that are not exposed to unconventional fermentation formulas, this is crucial for consumers to understand where and how costs translate into production. Once a fermentation formula is stable, the price consumers are “used to" - the Customer Expectancy Price (CEP).

All funds from the coffee will be brought brought back to Pepe to help and enable Pepe to grow and develop future varieties. Your contribution as a customer is therefore of high significance.


Finca Soledad stands at 1,515 masl in a terrace rising above the Intag Valley in the Imbabura province in Ecuador. Surrounded by endemic trees in biodynamic balance the terroir expresses just what nature has to give in full. Pepe listens carefully to the silent language intrinsic to our ecosystem to develop profiles that enhance vibrant and delicate notes. The farm stretches over 120 hectares, eight of which are set aside for the production of various coffee varieties including Typica Mejorada, Caturra, Castillo and Sidra. There are other projected varieties to emerge in due time, namely Geisha.


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