A Message to our Customers Regarding Ninety Plus Offerings

Ninety Plus is discontinuing their coffees from all ranges encompassing Ascent, Signature and Innovation with accompanying Limited Edition.

Affected coffees are:

  • Kopi Kan
  • Derar Ela
  • Drima Zede
  • Kambera
  • Nekisse
  • Lycello
  • Juliette
  • Perci
  • Lotus
  • Ruby
  • Ubo
  • Carmo
  • Tigre
  • Yuzo
  • Kulé

The announcement from Ninety Plus:

We are migrating away from Ninety Plus' wholesale offerings, as you may remember from 2022 and before. Our new brand, Volcan Valley, will be our only wholesale bulk green coffee option in 2023.

Volcan Valley processes coffee from different farms around the Volcan Barú region. Right now, in our portfolio, we have coffees from the Gesha variety and other varietals, most of them only as type samples for this year, such as Catuai, Caturra, and Typica, among others.

On Ninety Plus offerings, our approach is entirely different if compared to what we did in the past. All our profiles are discontinued, and we only concentrate on competition-level coffees that Ninety Plus Coffee has been well-known for over the years. We have a limited selection of lots under Ninety Plus, which are unique coffees. Some of these lots have already won numerous national competitions. Our focus for Ninety Plus, in wholesale, will be only limited lots, thus migrating away from our past years' lineup.

Konstantina Tokopoulou
Director of Sales, Ninety Plus


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