The following terms and conditions apply to Coffea Circulor's online shop.

Product documentation
You can find the synopsis of each product on this website.

All coffees are sold as whole beans only. 

Product authenticity

Products are packaged and delivered in Coffea Circulor packaging carrying the "Angel" logo and/or the symbolic Coffea Circulor label. Coffea Circulor is not responsible for the product quality or quality of service when for example coffees are re-packaged, supplied and/or resold by unauthorized third-parties. 

We ship with DHL, UPS and FedEx. Each shipping agent is supplying a tracking number.

We do not shop to P.O. box addresses and neither do many of our shipping partners.

International shipping agents are used with shipping aggregators in order to supply reasonable shipping prices. Delivery times vary depending on end location and chosen delivery method, yet optimal shipping agents are considered at all times. We can not always guarantee delivery times due to unexpected events in the delivery process that is beyond our control. 

Kindly take notice of national holidays in respective countries upon placing orders. Although properly estimated and scheduled shipping, delivery time can be extended. The customer is obliged to supply complete contact information (first name, last name / company name, address, postal code, city, region, country, email and phone number). 

In the unfortunate event of the shipping agents having temporary malfunctioning tracking systems or the trace of packages temporary being not visible, we always try to help in best possible ways, presuming staff members are available during non-holidays. 

Kindly note that that the customer is responsible for being available to receive packages provided tracking information. Upon attempts to deliver packages where the customer is not available for receiving their goods, Coffea Circulor can not be held responsible. 

International trading via internet has steadily increased over the last decade, shipping agents are trying to scale their capacity with the demand. We therefore always recommend to place orders in due time before grand holidays. History has shown holidays being busy for shipping agents and packages have a tendency to move slower than usual and also possibly disappear. We always encourage the shipping agents to scan the shipping labels on the package upon pickup to ensure our customers can see that their package with contents has left our facilities. 

We roast on weekends in order to ship early every beginning of each week to reduce the lead time/travel time due to weekends in certain areas/countries. Our aim is to roast and ship coffee within 1-2 days. Depending of coffees (origin, variety, harvest/freshness) there can be some resting time. See more on each product page.

Payment through the online shop is possible with VISA and Mastercard. The amount will be withdrawn at the time of shipment.

We reserve the right to cancel orders without subject to notice on account of typos, technical errors, changes in VAT and taxes, sold out items or in the event of force majeure.


Return of products
Food items (coffee) and courses are non-refundable under Swedish law. All other products can be returned until 14 days after delivery.

For a full refund, the products must be intact, unopened and in original packaging. If the product has been used, we’ll give you a partial refund. The customer is responsible for all expenses in conjunction with the return.

The customer needs to give notice of their wish to return an item within 7 days of delivery. The package must then be returned to Coffea Circulor within 7 days. The reason for the total 14 day of return from customer to us is for Coffea Circulor to investigate the product. Coffea Circulor will refund the purchase to the customer within 7 days after notification if the products have been returned and proof of shipment has been documented and verified.

In the unlikely event that you've received a faulty item, for example wrong coffee, please get in touch with us and we get this sorted for you. You can submit a form through our contact page. Kindly contact us if any of these matters should be raised with a description of what was found faulty.


Coffea Circulor Norway DA, Coffea Circulor Sweden AB and Coffea Circulor Africa Ltd. claims the copyright interest in the compilation in all the Coffea Circulor online content, including without limitation, the incorporated Coffea Circulor websites and partner websites.