Alkemisten Kaffebar, Gothenburg, Sweden

Two months after Alkemisten (The Alchemist) coffee shop & café opened in 2015, it was nominated for Star of the Year in White Guide. A restaurant guide that annually tests about 800 restaurants, taverns and cafes.

The American magazine USA Today writes about The Alchemist: “The collaboration with Coffea Circulor, traceable coffee beans and a willingness to use most possible organic products shows that The Alchemist has accumulated experience and lessons learned about the industry that far exceeds long term established coffee bars."

We are greatful to work together with Coffea Circulor - Kristian Hedborg, Owner


The visitors of Classic Café is experiencing refreshments, pastries and professionally brewed coffees. There are different approaches to customer experience. The Classic Café is detailing the espresso and drip coffees with accompanying stories - a holistic approach with traceability and cultural impact is of high importance.

To have exclusive coffees in our shop is exclusive - Rashid Al Sulaiti, Owner

Coffee Dorby, Beijing, China

Coffee Dorby is a pure speciality coffee club. Both practitioners in the coffee industry or consumers of speciality coffee are speciality coffee lovers in the club.

The important essence of specialty coffee is to share and go back to the source, through good coffee and to know the roasters behind it, the manor. Constantly introducing good coffee, good roasters, good places to more people, that's what is done in the club.

Coffea Circulor is the most special roaster introduced by the our club. We recognize Coffea Circulor's ideas about the coffee industry and we hope to spread these ideas to more people - Liu Jian, Co-Owner.